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23 Frank St.

Carleton Place, ON.

K7C 2Z6



Castle Masonry has been operating for many years in the Ottawa Valley Region.  

A family company, with traditional trades values, we believe that quality and reliability are paramount for anyone who works with their hands.


Owner, Andrew Tennant, is determined to balance high quality work with reasonable rates.  


Our knowledge and experience allows us to take on some very unique projects and we enjoy a challenge.  


We believe that the success of our business is directly linked to the success of our community as a whole.  As such, over the years, it has become common to see a Tennant or relation at local events  or volounteering on committees. 





We had some e-mail issues and have had to change our e-mail address.  Please note the new email address in our contact info below!

We Also Offer Foundation Inspections!

Castle Masonry offers inspection services to those concerned about their home's foundation.  We can identify issues and advise action for any potential home foundation matter.


Cracks and separations.

Drainage issues.

Damaged or absent parging.

Sealant issues.

Building envelope/water mitigation.

Window wells.

Damaged/unbonded concrete block

Backfill/soil problems.

Wet basements.

Natural stone foundations issues.


Foundation problems can make people worried, but the problem doesn't always mean a major repair. We can offer practical, budget sensitive solutions to most foundation problems.


Our inspection includes a one hour session, where a homeowner or potential home buyer can accompany the Castle Masonry Specialist in a complete inside and outside foundation examination.


Included with the inspection is a written report with all findings and advice on how to proceed with repairs. This report is not an cost estimate for work, but one can be provided at no cost if required.


Cost of inspection and report: $129.99 (within zone of operation)







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