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Heritage Masonry Restoration

Heritage masonry restoration Anchor

The Castle team are experts in the field of heritage masonry restoration.  Owner, Andrew Tennant, has attended many seminars, case studies and events pertaining to historic restoration methods.  A graduate of Algonquin College's "Masonry- Heritage and Traditional", he offers a specialist's confidence  to any restoration project.  


Castle Masonry has completed dozens of specialty restoration projects around the Ottawa Valley with some of the best engineers and project managers in the country.


Brick block and stone repair anchor

Brick, Block and Stone Repair

Castle Masonry is regularily called on to replace brick, block or stone damaged by accident or elements.  Using specialized tools, we are able to cut and replace individual units in a quick and cost effective method.


We also will provide assess the building for ineffiecient wall systems which are susceptible to future damage from weather.


From minor brick repair to full rebuilds, Castle Masonry does it all.  


New construction anchor

New Construction

Castle Masonry offer a range of new construction options.  Our team has experience with all type of masonry building materials.


Whether you are still in planning stages, or have already chosen your design and materials, Castlee Masonry can help to keep your project on time and on budget.

Natural Stone Construction

Natural stone anchor

Nothing compares to natural stone for true aesthetic appeal.  


Castle Masonry has had the priviledge to have built many, many projects with natural stone of all shapes and sizes.


We are more than happy to help our clients to bring their natural stone projects from concept to completion. 

structural engineering work anchor

Structural Engineering Work

Castle Masonry often works with local engineering firms to solve specific structural issues.  


The team has demonstrated it's ability to communicate with engineers, follow specifications and safely resolve structural deficiencies. 


We have the reliability and confidence that can set your mind at ease when dealing with a dangerous construction problem.



Foundation Repair 

Foundation repair anchor

There is no regulation of the foundation repair industry in Ontario.  There are many contractors who have no formal training in ANY trade and are unable to assess serious issues with a damaged foundation or building system.


The Castle Masonry team has repaired many, many foundations in the Ottawa Valley.  As masons, we have the advantage over many foundation repair companies-  We understand building systems as a whole, and are trained to repair structure. We guarantee our work and are insured for your protection.



Chimney and Fireplace Construction and Repair

Chimney/fireplace anchor

From century-old chimney repair to modern veneer fireplace construction, Castle Masonry provides the level of experience you can rely upon.  


We have repaired dozens, if not hundreds, of chimneys over the years and we are always closely following changing building codes and guidelines.


Castle Masonry is also very proud of the dozens of fireplaces we have built.  Our clients count on us to create an aesthetic centrepiece for their home and we are all too happy to deliver!

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